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Our Clients Rank in the Local Pack at the Top of Google Search Results

See For Yourself…

Below you will find 16 screenshots of local pack results from businesses we have worked with all over the US.


Remember, only paid ads are shown above the local pack

Our Clients In The Map Pack

When you perform a Google search for a local product or service, you will more than likely see the ‘Map Pack’ towards the top of the results.  Only paid ads will be shown above the three listings displayed inside the map pack.

If you have optimized your website to rank on the first page for search queries relevant to your business, you can very well hold 2 of the precious spots on the first page of Google.  Your Google My Business is a completely separate thing from your website!  You should have both!  Having a professional website that reflects the information within your GMB will greatly increase the frequency and accuracy of when your various web properties are shown in the search results.   

GMB Doc Results

This is what our clients say about our service

GMB Doc Client TestimonialVery knowledgeable about Websites and SEO work. We literally saw results in our website rankings within DAYS!

Austin Altis | Virginia5 star service

GMB Doc Client TestimonialThe price was fair and valuable. I think one of the hardest things to find when looking for someone to work on the SEO is finding a reputable company. I have been very pleased with the services provided. And with the ongoing knowledge they have imparted to me so I can make changes myself.

Michael Sell | Kentucky5 star service

GMB Doc Client TestimonialBest SEO service I have used. I used a SEO service prior and I got minimal to zero leads.

Brian Pino | Georgia5 star service

GMB Doc Client TestimonialHighly recommended… Very knowledgeable on SEO.

Jemery Clintsman Jr. | Missouri5 star service

GMB Doc Client TestimonialThey’ve earned a customer for life with us.

Drew Callaway | Georgia5 star service

GMB Doc Client TestimonialUnderstanding that for a business to succeed in the digital age, the appearance of professionalism and accessibility are an absolute must, and these guys definitely nail that.

Ivan Chwalik | Kentucky5 star service

GMB Doc Client TestimonialIf you own a local business, you need to have GMB Doc optimize your Google my business listing! I had an idea of what I was doing but they did it 10X better.

Nelson Zutali | Ohio5 star service

GMB Doc Client TestimonialIf you need help with search engine optimization look no further! GMB Doc is highly recommmened!

Jose Covarrubias | Washington5 star service

GMB Doc Client TestimonialI highly recommend GMB Doc for SEO! Very knowledgeable and professional! Thanks again!

Chris Sloan | Ohio5 star service

GMB Doc Client TestimonialTheir focus on local SEO is the best and I could not have hoped for better results!

Amy Robinson | Kentucky5 star service

GMB Doc Client Testimonial I am a solo owner/operator and had to temporarily quit answering the phone and put a message on the web page sorry all full at this time. Now that is a good problem to have!!!

Joshua Hall | Tennessee5 star service

GMB Doc Client TestimonialBlew my website up! IN A GREAT WAY! Their expertise in SEO and website optimization is what we needed. We have gotten a lot of jobs already! I highly recommend you have them work on your Google My Business! Thank you!

Ethan Wood | Michigan5 star service

Ready to Start?

All we need is your name, email, website or business name and location, and your $98 engagement fee.

It’s Really This Simple

Step 1: Sign Up

Step 2: We Get To Work

Step 3: 1 Week Later, Your GMB is 100% Populated and Optimized to Rank in Your Local Market for the Keywords that are Most Valuable to Your Business

I Like Details

Step 1: Sign Up by using any form on our website.  We only need your first name, email, and website to get started.  If you don't have a website, no worries, please provide your business' name instead.

After submission with the sign up form, your invoice will be in your inbox where you can pay securely with your credit card or PayPal account.  No PayPal account is needed.

Step 2: We get to work.  We will compile all of the information we need to optimize your Google My Business page and present it to you for verification within 4 business days.

  • If we can't find any info we need to do our job, we will ask you for it.  Most information we need should be accessible to us by searching online.  Upon receipt of your payment, we will send an optional questionnaire to allow you to provide us with some details and guidence as we perform your service.

Step 3:  You let us know if the information and pictures we have compiled are accurate and represent your business well.  We are happy to accommodate any modifications upon request.

Once you have approved everything, all we need is temporary access to your Google My Business account* (we provide easy step by step instuction for all device types) and your final payment.

Your service will be completed within 24 hours of your final payment and we will supply you with before and after images to show you exactly what we did.

*If you do not have a Google My Business, visit https://Google.com/business and create one.  We are more than happy to do this for you at no additional charge if needed.

-Upon completion of your service, we will send you our guide, How To Maintain Your GMB In 5 Minutes Or Less Per Week.

Who is this for?

This is for any business on or offline that is not maximizing the potential of their Google My Business listing.  A website is not required to have a Google My Business!  All you need is a legitimate business with a physical address (Your home address will work fine...no PO Boxes accepted by Google).  If your business is not already verified, Google will send a postcard to verify your business address before you can utilize Google My Business fully and gain all of the benefits it provides.

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Google My Business Specialists

Accounting for
30% of local ranking factors,
it's time to give your GMB a checkup.
How's the health of your
Google My Business?

Who are we?

We are a team of web designers, SEOs, and web developers that put our skill sets together to provide immense value to our clients by getting their businesses found online.

GMB Doc is a subsidiary of our parent company, Optimized, LLC.  Optimized offers website design, search engine optimization, and online presence management in general including social media, ad, and reputation management.

Risk-Free Guarantee

We are in the business of providing value to our clients and want you to have zero reservations about using our service to greatly increase your business' chances of getting in one of those top 3 positions in the local pack.

We require the nominal $98 fee because we only want to work with serious clients.  Before you pay the balance due for us to execute the service, we present you with all of the photos and data we will be using to populate your Google My Business profile.

If for any reason you do not want to continue the service, you are welcome to keep the photos** and data and implement them yourself.  *We keep the $98 fee for our time compiling and creating all of the data and the images.

We would much rather prefer to finish our service to insure your Google My Business is in fact fully populated and optimized in the exact manner Google wants.

**At this point the images have not been geo-tagged, we also have not created the Q&A's or made the video.  We perform the more advanced tactics once we have your confirmation that everything is a go. 

Contact Us

Email: Webmaster@GMBDoc.com

On Facebook: GMB Doc on Facebook

Facebook Messenger: DM GMB Doc

Phone: Sign Up & Get Our Phone Number*

*Why?  Because of spam callers!  Between spammers and tire kickers, we don't have time to answer calls unless you are serious about using our service or are an existing client.  Thanks for understanding.