How To Claim Your Google My Business Link
New Client 1

Thank you very much!


Just refer a colleague!

New Client 2

That's right!

Simply refer any business to GMB Doc.  If and when they sign up and pay their $98 initial fee before your service is complete, we knock a cool $100 bill off of your total.

How can we do this?

Advertising costs are our largest expense by far.  Our average cost to acquire a new client is approximately $100.  So, instead of giving another $100 to Google, Facebook, or the print and mailing services we utilize to market GMB Doc, we would much rather save you that money!

And, yes, your referral will have the same opportunity.


To receive the $100 off, your referral must pay the $98 initial fee before your scheduled completion of service, which is 1 week from today.

What if I have more than 1 referral, or if I have a referral after my service is complete?

For any additional referrals* you send our way, before or after your service's completion, we are happy to send you a $25 Amazon gift card for each!  Only referrals that do end up paying for and using our service are eligible for any incentive.  We must be notified via email by yourself or your referral BEFORE receiving their payment to qualify.

*A 'referral' is considered a referral once they have officially engaged our service by paying the $98 fee for us to start.

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Send Us a Referral

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Who are we?

We are a team of web designers, SEOs, and web developers that put our skill sets together to provide immense value to our clients by getting their businesses found online.

GMB Doc is a subsidiary of our parent company, Optimized, LLC.  Optimized offers website design, search engine optimization, and online presence management in general including social media, ad, and reputation management.

Risk-Free Guarantee

We are in the business of providing value to our clients and want you to have zero reservations about using our service to greatly increase your business' chances of getting in one of those top 3 positions in the local pack.

We require the nominal $98 fee because we only want to work with serious clients.  Before you pay the balance due for us to execute the service, we present you with all of the photos and data we will be using to populate your Google My Business profile.

If for any reason you do not want to continue the service, you are welcome to keep the photos** and data and implement them yourself.  *We keep the $98 fee for our time compiling and creating all of the data and the images.

We would much rather prefer to finish our service to insure your Google My Business is in fact fully populated and optimized in the exact manner Google wants.

**At this point the images have not been geo-tagged, we also have not created the Q&A's or made the video.  We perform the more advanced tactics once we have your confirmation that everything is a go. 

Contact Us

Email: Webmaster@GMBDoc.com

On Facebook: GMB Doc on Facebook

Facebook Messenger: DM GMB Doc

Phone: Sign Up & Get Our Phone Number*

*Why?  Because of spam callers!  Between spammers and tire kickers, we don't have time to answer calls unless you are serious about using our service or are an existing client.  Thanks for understanding.