Understanding Google and Your Business

Here is a quote
can you relate?

We were popping in the local restaurants and speaking with the business owners.  There was an overwhelming theme among them…

“What has the internet ever done for me?”


FYI - The internet doesn't owe you anything!

Like anything else, the internet only works if you work it!

If you eat McDonald’s all day, don’t exercise, and get 4 hours of sleep each night…can you expect to be healthy?

Well, if you don’t put any effort into your online presence, you can’t expect any results online either!

All Businesses Now Need To Be Internet Businesses

Is yours?

The way business is performed is constantly changing.  The businesses that adapt and stay ahead of the curve are reaping the rewards.  The bottom line is, if your business isn’t showing up in Google’s search results, people actively searching for your product or service cannot even consider buying from you because they don’t know you exist!

Think about how you go about finding a product, service, or even just information you are looking for?  Do you pull out the Yellow Pages?  Do you hop in your car and start driving and searching?  Do you reference your encyclopedia?

Be honest…No!  This is not how you go about this.  You search Google!  If you are on your computer, laptop, or tablet, you more than likely search Google on one of those devices and if you are on the go, you just pull out your phone and search away.

People interested in what your business offers are searching Google.  If your business is not on the first page of the search results, there is slim to no chance they will buy from you.  That is just the way it is now.  You can either get in the game or let the new guys that get it put you out of business.

Elements of Google’s Search Results

Google SERP Positions
Google My Business on Google Maps

Intro to Google Search

First thing to know is Google’s search results are commonly referred to as Search Engine Result Pages, or SERPs.  There are free and paid ways to get your business into the SERPs.  Google’s goal is to provide the person searching with the best possible match for their specific search query.

Here is a breakdown of different sections in the SERPs: 

Local Services in Google Search Results

Local Services

How do you get your business here?

Utilize Google’s ‘Local Services’ advertising service.

What is the cost to have my business appear here?

There is a free version and paid version to Local Services by Google.  If you are on the free version, your business will only show here if none of your competitors are paying for the service.  A big thing to note is that if you are on the free version, your listing will not have the ‘Google Guaranteed’ badge!  The cost per contact made to your business from Local Service ads range from $5 to $139 depending on market and industry. 

More info on Local Services:

Local Services is relatively new and is only available for certain service types of businesses in certain markets.  Learn more about Local Services by Google.

Google Ads in Search Results

Google Ads

How do you get your business here?

This type of Google Ad is referred to as a ‘search network’ ad.

What is the cost to have my business appear here?

Pay to play.  You determine budget.  Google Ads is how Google makes the overwhelming majority of their money!

More info on Goolge Ads:

Google Ads was formely known as Google Adwords.  Google Ads is one of the most used and effective ways to advertise your business online with numerous ways to target and display your ads across the web.  Visit the official Google Ads website to learn more.

Local Pack in Search Results

Local Pack

How do you get your business here?

Optimizing your Google My Business listing in conjunction with various less important factors.

What is the cost to have my business appear here?

No cost.  You just need the time and knowledge to optimize your Google My Business page properly.  Or, use your business owner powers to delegate that task to the experts at GMB Doc!

More info on the Local Pack:

The Local Pack is also referred to as the ‘Snack Pack,’ ‘Map Pack,’ and/or ‘Local 3-Pack.’  This is how your business ends up on Google Maps!

Organic Listings in Google Search Results

Organic Results

How do you get your business here?

Optimize your Google My Business listing, optimize the content on your website (I.E. Search Engine Optimization – SEO), and many more factors regarding your online presence across the web.

What is the cost to have my business appear here?

No cost.  Although there is no cost if you are able to do this yourself, if you are not 100% sure you know what you are doing, it is highly recommended to use a professional online presence management service like Optimized to perform SEO for your business.

More info on the organic results:

The listings you see in the organic section of Google’s SERPs are the web pages Google’s algorithm has determined to be the best fit based on the user’s specific search query. 


Our Service Puts Your Business in the Local Pack and on Google Maps!

Mobile 1st has been the movement for years now.  Many Americans no longer have computers or even laptops…they are surfing the internet using their mobile devices exclusivily .

As seen in the graphic above, the only way to position your business above the Local Pack in the SERPs is to pay Google for ads.  We know ongoing monthly advertising fees add up quickly and cut into your bottom line.  The GMB Doc Google My Business Optimization Service is the #1 way to get your business into the Local Pack quickly and to stay.  And, the best part is, it is a nominal 1-time fee to get all of this exposure on the world’s largest and most used search engine for years to come.

Even more powerful than you may think…Did you know when you have a fully optimized Google My Business listing potential new customers can contact you by phone call or text, right from the search results?  It’s true.  And with 1-click at that!  They can also click for directions or click to land on the contact page of your website to view all available contact methods.

Along with getting these key ‘call to action,’ or CTA, items into the search results themselves, and on Google Maps, all of these potential customers can also view your normal business hours and special holidays hours, your business description, see if you are woman or veteran led, view your products, services, or menu, read your business’ Google reviews, ask a question, view previously asked questions and answers, and browse photos and even videos!

We want to make sure your business is shown in the Local Pack whenever possible!  Sign up to get started today.

This is what our clients say about our service

GMB Doc Client TestimonialI thought I had my Google My Business page under control but a friend told me to at least have GMB Doc give it a once over. Since they do this for free, I thought why not.

They found several things that could be better optimized and found some areas within my GMB that I have overlooked. It’s been a couple weeks since they performed the service and my GMB insights have been steadily climbing ever since and there has been a noticeable increase in website leads very recently.

So happy I had this service performed!

Andy Routte | Northern Kentucky5 star service

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Once you have approved everything, all we need is temporary access to your Google My Business account. We provide easy step-by-step instructions for all device types.

Most services are completed within 4 days of payment receipt.

*If you do not have a Google My Business, visit https://Google.com/business and create one.  We are more than happy to do this for you at no additional charge if needed.

Bonus:  Upon completion of your service, we will send you our guide, How To Maintain Your GMB In 5 Minutes Or Less Per Week.

Who is this for?

This is for any business on or offline that is not maximizing the potential of their Google My Business listing.  A website is not required to have a Google My Business!  All you need is a legitimate business with a physical address (Your home address will work fine...no PO Boxes accepted by Google).  If your business is not already verified, Google will send a postcard to verify your business address before you can utilize Google My Business fully and gain all of the benefits it provides.

Google My Business Specialists

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Who are we?

We are a team of web designers, SEOs, and web developers that put our skill sets together to provide immense value to our clients by getting their businesses found online.

GMB Doc is a subsidiary of our parent company, Optimized, LLC.  Optimized offers website design, search engine optimization, and online presence management in general including social media, ad, and reputation management.

Risk-Free Guarantee

We are in the business of providing value to our clients and want you to have zero reservations about using our service to greatly increase your business's chances of getting in one of those top 3 positions in the local pack.

You can speak with a webmaster at GMB Doc before you begin our service to ensure you are comfortable with us working on your site.  All webmasters at GMB Doc are US Citizens that have 10+ experience optimizing Google My Business listings for small businesses of all types across the country.

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