Google My Business Optimization Case Study

Type of Business:  Insurance Agency 


Optimization Rate Before Service


Optimization Rate After Service

Before and After

We are going to walk you through each element that comprises a Google My Business listing to show you the drastic improvements!

You may be wondering why this GMB is still only 97% optimized after our service.  The reason is this client has little control over her website since she operates under the AAA Insurance umbrella.  Her ‘website’ consists of a single page on the regional AAA website.  For this reason, we were unable to enter an appointment URL like we normally do.

Another note, since has very limited control control over her website and does not have Google Analytics connected or the ability to do so.  For that reason, we did not use the tracking code on her website URL as it would have been pointless. 

Let’s start with the ‘Info’ section…


The Info Tab

The ‘Info’ tab is where you supply Google with the majority of the information about your Google My Business.  As you can see in the example below, we did a lot of work to this GMB account for AAA Insurance Broker Jayme Rice.

Info Tab of Google My Business


As you can see, the before and after in this section of this GMB is drastic.  Especially considering since we went from nothing to something!

For this client we used a 1 section titled ‘Insurance Products’ to describe her services in general and then line-itemed out each individual insurance product.

Before Our Service…

Google My Business Services Section Un-populated

After Our Service!

Google My Business Services Section After GMB Doc Optimization


As you can see, there was a vast improvement to our client’s photo gallery inside GMB after our service.

What you cannot see is how we optimized these images before uploading them to Google My Business.

What did we do?

  • Re-sized the photos and gave them Keyword Rich file name
  • Geo-tagged the images added additional Exif data
  • Uploaded them to the appropriate folder in GMB

Before Our Service…

Lack of Photos in Google My Business

After Our Service!

Photos in Google My Business

Text Message From GMB

Most small business owners do not even know that anyone searching Google could literally send their business a text message without even leaving their Google search.

Once setup, you will be able to receive text messages from potential new customers.

This client had actually setup messaging but did not have the Google My Business app.  So, if someone did message her, she would not have received it!

We forgot to take the before picture here.  But, along with not having the app, she also had not populated the automatic response.

It’s not the end of the world, but we think it is a good idea just in case you cannot respond for some time, at least this buys you a little time.

After Our Service!

Text Messaging From Google My Business

Service Area

If you service your customers at their location or only in certain areas, you can set a service area so Google is crystal clear on where your business does business.

Your options here include countries, states, counties, zip codes, cities, and some other options.  You have to choose from what Google populates in their list for you to choose from so you can play around with it as you do it to figure out what is best.

Jayme is licensed to sell insurance in Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana, so that is what we used as her service area as shown.

Before Our Service…

It was missing!

Kind of a big deal!

After Our Service!

Google My Business Service Area After GMB Doc Optimization

Google Posts

Check out the Google Post we created for this GMB Doc client.

It turns out we made her first Google Post!

Google loves when you use their products and services.  There is no doubt about that.  But, what too many fail to realize is that Google rewards their users for using their products and services.  

The reward Google gives for businesses that post weekly to their GMB is greatly increased exposure!  Once you have a little system in place, this should take 5 minutes per week.  We can walk you through it.

Before: We saw this message!

Create Your First Google Post Message

Our Google Post!

Google My Business Post Created by GMB Doc


Google My Business has a FAQ section?

Why yes it does…but you have to access it from your Knowledge Panel or Google Maps, and they call it ‘Questions and answers.’

Like the majority of businesses that have created their Google My Business listing, this client did not have any questions or answers associated with their GMB.

The internet should not only be marketing the heck out of your business around the clock for you, but it should also be answering questions and providing value.

This client went from ZERO Questions and Answers to 10 Questions and Answers immediately upon completion of our service.

We are just showing 2 here but you can view them all and everything else we did on Google my clicking the button below.  

Q and A on Google


When most small business owners think of having to create a video for their business fear shrieks through their spine and all they can think about is stuttering and dollars vanishes from their bank accounts.

Does that sound like you?

We think you may be over thinking this one!  KISS!  Keep It Simple Silly!

Check out the video we created below…and yes, our videos are rapidly improving by the way.  But, nonetheless, we wanted to show you this initial version of the video we created.

The thing here is, we are not creating this video in hopes to get 1 million views or anything like that.  The purpose of this video is strictly for Search Engine Optimization Purposes.  How many other videos do you think on currently online with the title: Business Coach Greater Cincinnati?

Try zero!  Our client’s is the 1st to hit the internet!  Amazing.  With people reading less and less compounded by the mobile first movement, video is the wave of the future online.  It’s time you get in the game now and start leading the pack in your industry.

More About This Business

Jayme Rice is an insurance broker at AAA Insurance.  She is able to write insurance policies in Kentucky, Ohio, and Indiana.  The insurance products she offers include auto insurance, home insurance, renter’s insurance, motorcycle insurance, life insurance, and umbrella insurance policies.

We use Jayme’s services and highly recommend you consider requesting her to quote your insurance needs in the Greater Cincinnati area especially.  She is more than likely going to be able to save you money and get you better coverage!  That’s what we call a win-win at GMB Doc!

If you are interested in learning more, Click Here.

5 Stars

“1-week after having my service performed my internet leads doubled from the week prior.”

Jayme Rice
AAA Insurance Agent

GMB Doc Insurance Client

View Jayme’s Optimized GMB Live On Google


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