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Google My Business Optimization Case Study

Type of Business:  Business Coach 


Optimization Rate Before Service


Optimization Rate After Service

Before and After

We are going to walk you through each element that comprises a Google My Business listing to show you the drastic improvements!

Let’s start with the Knowledge Panel… 

The Knowledge Panel

Here you can see the improvement to our client’s Knowledge Panel before and after our service.  Your business’ Knowledge Panel is primarily comprised of information Google obtains by referencing your GMB.  This is what Google users will be able to see in Google Maps or if Google does decide to display your Knowledge Panel for their search query.

Q and A on Google

The Info Tab

The ‘Info’ tab is the meat and potatoes of your Google My Business.  This is where you can supply Google with the majority of information about your business.  As you can see in the example below, we did a lot of work to this GMB account for Profit Solutions Group.

Google My Business Info Before and After GMB Doc Optimization Service


Services is a line item in the ‘Info’ tab section of your Google My Business.  This may be replaced with ‘Menu’ if you are a restaurant or ‘Products’ if you sell products instead of offering a service.  Depending on which categories you select, you may or may not have any of these options.

This is by far the most overlooked section we see once we are granted access to an existing businesses Google My Business.

As you can see, the before and after in this section of this GMB is drastic!

Our client had failed to complete the services section when he attempted to ‘optimize’ his GMB himself.  

We broke his services into 2 categories and added line items with more details under each. 

Before Our Service…

Google My Business Services Section Before GMB Doc Optimization

After Our Service!

Google My Business Services Section After GMB Doc Optimization


As you can see, there was a vast improvement to our client’s photo gallery inside GMB after our service.

What you cannot see is how we optimized these images before uploading them to Google My Business.

What did we do?

  • Re-sized the photos and gave them Keyword Rich file name
  • Geo-tagged the images added additional Exif data
  • Uploaded them to the appropriate folder in GMB

Before Our Service…

Google My Business Photos and Videos Before GMB Doc Optimization

After Our Service!

Google My Business Photos and Videos After GMB Doc Optimization

Text Message From GMB

Most small business owners do not even know that anyone searching Google could literally send their business a text message without even leaving their Google search.

Once setup, you will be able to receive text messages from potential new customers.  

It is a super smooth process that involves the user performing 1-click and then using their phones native text messaging app.  You receive and respond to this text like any other text message you receive.

Before Our Service…

Google My Business Messaging Not Setup Before GMB Doc Optimization

After Our Service!

Google My Business Messaging Setup With GMB Doc Optimization

Service Area

If you service your customers at their location, you can set a service area.  Sometimes optimizing a Google My Business means removing information as shown below!

This client had selected almost random metropolitan areas located east of the Mississippi.  If this was reflected on his website and other internet properties across the web, it may have been fine to do.  But, the client only had the service area we input on his website.

If you have conflicting information about your business floating around online, Google and all other search engines, will not be able to trust which information is actually accurate.  Since search engines only want to provide the best results for their users, in fear they will start using a competitors, they typically default to not showing your business in the search results at all!

Kind of a big deal!

Before Our Service…

Google My Business Service Area Before GMB Doc Optimization

After Our Service!

Google My Business Service Area After GMB Doc Optimization

Google Posts

Check out the Google Post we created for this GMB Doc client compared to the 1 and only post this client has created previously.

We don’t mean to be blunt…but the difference is night and day!

The internet is often the ‘1st Impression’ your business is going to make on a potential new client.  It is so important to make yourself look as good online as you do in real life!

Let us portrait your business in the best light possible on Google!

Only Google Post previously made by the client:

Google My Business Post Created By Client Before GMB Doc

Our Google Post!

Google My Business Post With GMB Doc Optimization

Questions and Answers

Like the majority of businesses that have created their Google My Business listing, this client did not have any questions or answers associated with their GMB.

The internet should not only be marketing the heck out of your business around the clock for you, but it should also be answering questions and providing value.

This client went from ZERO Questions and Answers to a whopping 11 Questions and Answers instantly!

We are just showing 2 here but you can view them all and everything else we did on Google my clicking the button below.  

Q and A on Google


When most small business owners think of having to create a video for their business fear shrieks through their spine and all they can think about is stuttering and dollars vanishes from their bank accounts.

Does that sound like you?

We think you may be over thinking this one!  KISS!  Keep It Simple Silly!

Check out the video we created below…and yes, our videos are rapidly improving by the way.  But, nonetheless, we wanted to show you this initial version of the video we created.

The thing here is, we are not creating this video in hopes to get 1 million views or anything like that.  The purpose of this video is strictly for Search Engine Optimization Purposes.  How many other videos do you think on currently online with the title: Business Coach Greater Cincinnati?

Try zero!  Our client’s is the 1st to hit the internet!  Amazing.  With people reading less and less compounded by the mobile first movement, video is the wave of the future online.  It’s time you get in the game now and start leading the pack in your industry.

More About This Business

Profit Solutions Group is a business coaching and consulting service in Cincinnati, OH.  Jim Kruspe and his team serve small to medium size businesses across the United States in various industries.  Their specialty is service-based businesses.  Whether that be a trade or a professional service, the business coaches at Profit Solutions Group are an excellent fit for this business model.

Yes sir!  The team at GMB Doc has utilized Profit Solutions Group business coaching services and we highly recommend them to you.  Even the greatest athletes in the world had a coach.  Do you really think you are the exception?  If you are serious about wanting to take your business to the next level, at least schedule your free 1-hour consultation to learn more.

If you are interested in learning more, Click Here.

5 Stars

“Wow!! More visits to my site and starting to get traction on a national stage!”

Jim Kruspe
Business Coach

GMB Doc Client Jim Kruspe

View Jim’s Optimized GMB Live On Google


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Who is this for?

This is for any business on or offline that is not maximizing the potential of their Google My Business listing.  A website is not required to have a Google My Business!  All you need is a legitimate business with a physical address (Your home address will work fine...no PO Boxes accepted by Google).  If your business is not already verified, Google will send a postcard to verify your business address before you can utilize Google My Business fully and gain all of the benefits it provides.

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We would much rather prefer to finish our service to insure your Google My Business is in fact fully populated and optimized in the exact manner Google wants.

**At this point the images have not been geo-tagged, we also have not created the Q&A's or made the video.  We perform the more advanced tactics once we have your confirmation that everything is a go. 

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