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How can we be so sure?  Great question.  Google My Business is a platform offered by Google which allows them to collect pertinent information they need to better understand your business.  Google’s goal is to provide searchers with the most relevant results according to their search query.  If your Google My Business is populated with the correct information, Google will use it to show your GMB listing in the Map Pack when it matches the searcher’s query.

Since all of this takes place on Google’s platform, the information is highly trusted by Google and they update their algorithm quickly to show any updates you make.

Case Studies

Google My Business has only been around since 2014.  The internet is taken for granted these days, but can you believe in January of 2006 YouTube was not even a thing?  It’s true.  The internet is evolving rapidly and for all intents and purposes, Google is the internet.  Google My Business is the platform Google provides you so graciously so you can put your business in front of potential consumers exactly when they need your service the most…when they are literally searching for you!

Check out the statistics below.  Would 821 eye balls on your listing in the search results positively affect your business?  What about 30+ website visits each month coming from ‘click-throughs’ from your GMB listing alone?  How about 13 calls to your business each month?

Well, these are the average results our first 30 clients achieved in April 2019.  We are very confident you will experience similar results after having us completely optimize your Google My Business to perform like this too. 

Real Results

April 2019

Average Performance of Our First 30 Clients

Google My Business Listings in Search Results

Search appearances 821
Website visits 31.6 Click-throughs
Requested directions 6 Times
Calls to our clients 13.7 Calls

Crunching The Numbers

In this video we add context to what the numbers in your Google My Business Insights is telling you!  Google My Business Insights is a lot like Google Analytics, but instead of tracking the performance of your website, Insights tracks the performance of your GMB.

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5 Stars

“Wow!! More visits to my site and starting to get traction on a national stage!”

Jim Kruspe
Business Coach

GMB Doc Client Jim Kruspe

Profit Solutions Group

5 Stars

“1-week after having my service performed my internet leads doubled from the week prior.”

Jayme Rice
AAA Insurance Agent

GMB Doc Client Jayme Rice

AAA Insurance

5 Stars

“I cannot believe how fast I was able to replace my full-time income after GMB Doc’s service.”

Ethan Mann
Pressure Washing Service

GMB Doc Client Ethan Mann

Alpha Services

Coming Soon!  Check Back.

GMB Doc Client TestimonialOK…now I believe in Local SEO… Thanks so much!!!

Noah Fields | Northern Kentucky5 star service

What’s it cost?

Our service is a 1-time flat fee of $100, $200, or $300.

No monthly fee.  No yearly fee. No tax. Our Google My Business Optimization services are a 1-time of $100, $200, or $300 depending on your specific needs.  We need to see your profile to let you know your price tier. 😃

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We specialize in 1 thing...Google My Business.

What’s Google My Business?  Click Here If You Don’t Know – We’ll Show You.

Who are we?

We are a team of web designers, SEOs, and web developers that put our skill sets together to provide immense value to our clients by getting their businesses found online.

GMB Doc is a subsidiary of our parent company, Optimized, LLC.  Optimized offers website design, search engine optimization, and online presence management in general including social media, ad, and reputation management.

Risk-Free Guarantee

We are in the business of providing value to our clients and want you to have zero reservations about using our service to greatly increase your business's chances of getting in one of those top 3 positions in the local pack.

You can speak with a webmaster at GMB Doc before you begin our service to ensure you are comfortable with us working on your site.  All webmasters at GMB Doc are US Citizens that have 10+ experience optimizing Google My Business listings for small businesses of all types across the country.

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