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We specialize in 1 thing...Google My Business.

What’s Google My Business?  Click Here If You Don’t Know – We’ll Show You.


An optimized Google My Business is what gets your business shown on Google Maps and in the Local Pack

If you don’t believe having a strong presence on Google is vital for your business, please take our crash course for a quick introduction to the power.  We also explain the different sections of Google’s search results and how you can get your business in each.

We make sure:


It's Verified


It's FULLY Populated


It's 100% Optimized


It's GEO-Tagged




It Has Q's & A's


It Has A Google Post


It Has Real Reviews


Then We Give You A Guide To Maintain It

Results We Are Getting

Below we take a look at the Google My Business Insights for S&R Property Management in Grants Pass, OR.  We are based in Cincinnati, OH, but perform this service for local businesses no matter where they are located.  By local business, we simply mean a business that predominantly serves clients located near them.

As you can see the results are drastic!  They are also very typical!  Our service is the fastest, least expensive, least time consuming, and down right easiest way to get found on Google.  We would love to put your small business on the map…Google Maps!

If you would like to check out how their business looks on Google, click here.

So, what was the impact of our service for this business?  We like to focus on the views and activity, although searches also adds some insight as to how you are getting the views.  To us, discovery is much more important than direct as we want to show up in the search results most when people are searching for our service much more than our company name.  With any kind of SEO optimization at all, your business should show up in the search results for a ‘branded search.’

One thing to note is the Insights we are looking at are for a prior 28-day rolling calendar.  So, when we do this again and have a full 28 days of data after our service, the results will be even crazier!

After 18 days, this client appeared in the search results a whooping 255 more times, had 15 website views compared to the 0 before our service, and generated the 1st call to their business from the Google search results.  

This is what we want to make happen for your business!

Cold Hard Facts


29% of consumers search for local businesses at least once every 7 days


72% of consumers say search is their first choice to find local businesses


86% of consumers rely on the internet to find a local business


Over 80% of people trust online reviews

There have been


Google searches today...
Let's start with the
#1 way to get found
in local search results.

Google My Business

Google My Business

Our 3 Most Asked Questions

What is Google My Business?

Our whole website is filled with facts about Google My Business, but we know if you did not know Google My Business was a thing until visiting our site, it still may be confusing to you.

Another way to think of it is as a 'contact card' of the most basic and important information regarding your business.  

It is a web property specific to your business just like your website, business Facebook page, Yelp listing, and many, many others.

The major difference is, this web property is on Google's platform.  There is no way any information you supply here will be misinterrupted by Google (less human error on input) and they value this information more than any other source because they have 'vetted' your business during the verification process.

If your business does not have a Google My Business created, there is no way it can show on Google Maps or in the Map Pack at the top of Google search results.

How long to see results?

Within one to two weeks you can expect to see noticable improvements while viewing your Google My Business Insights analytics.

You will continue to see gradual improvement for the next several months just from our initial service. 

If you follow our ongoing maintenance guide, you can expect to keep this momentum going indefinitely.  

Think of 'Insights' as Google Analytics for your Google My Business.  Insights is a section within your Google My Business where you can view analytical data such as:

  • Search queries used when your business shows in the Local Pack
  • How many times you have shown in the Local Pack
  • How many times you have shown on Google Maps
  • How many 'clicks to call' your business received from these listings 
  • How many times someone requested directions
  • How many times someone clicked through to your website
  • And more
Are results guaranteed?

It has worked very well for every single business we have performed this service for.

We would be lying to you if we said we could 'guarantee' it will work.

Google guards their ranking factors fiercely with new search engine competitors like DuckDuckGo gaining traction.

The founder of GMB Doc started performing SEO for local businesses in 2012.  One thing he knows for sure is that the #1 thing you can do is test and measure when it comes to getting results online whether it is ranking organically, ad copy, image choice, or which CTA is better, etc. etc.

We are reasonable people.  We trust you are too.  If you are not happy with your results and your Google My Business Insights reflect little to no improvement as well, there is a good chance we will give you a partial or even full refund.  We will worry about this if this situation ever occurs...

All we know is we saw a need for this niche service after working on websites and performing SEO services for businesses across the country in a multitude of industries.  If you are unable to perform this service yourself, we would like to do it for you so you don't miss out on all the potential leads we are extremely confident it will bring.

60-Second Video…

See Our Clients’ Results:


Our Service Is The Quickest and Easiest Way To Perform Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

How’s it work?

Step 1: Sign Up

Step 2: We Get To Work

Step 3: A Week Later, Your GMB is All Better 🚑

I Like Details

Step 1: Sign Up by using any form on our website.  We only need your first name and email to get started.

Step 2: We will contact you to get more information about your business and which service teir best fits your business goals and budget.

Step 3:  Pay your invoice and we'll get started optimizing your Google My Business!

Once you have approved everything, all we need is temporary access to your Google My Business account. We provide easy step-by-step instructions for all device types.

Most services are completed within 4 days of payment receipt.

*If you do not have a Google My Business, visit https://Google.com/business and create one.  We are more than happy to do this for you at no additional charge if needed.

Bonus:  Upon completion of your service, we will send you our guide, How To Maintain Your GMB In 5 Minutes Or Less Per Week.

What’s it cost?

😃 Sign up today,
we have $100, $200, & $300 GMB optimization options.

So…What do we do exactly?

Your Business On Google Maps

We literally put your business on the map!

If you have ever wondered how to get your business onto Google Maps, you are about to find out.  Google Maps is populated using the information provided in your Google My Business listing.  Typically this is done by a internet savvy business owner or by using a service like GMB Doc’s Google My Business Optimization Service.  Google users can also populate basic information related to your business.  That is why it is possible to have an unverified Google My Business listings even if you are unaware!

How Do We Do It?

By Making Your Google My Business – PERFECT

  1. Verify
  2. Populate
  3. Photos
  4. Video
  5. Q&A
  6. Post
  7. Guide
I Like Details
  • We help you verify your Google My Business first if needed.  This is typically done via Google mailing a postcard to your physical business location.
  • Every input available is populated with accurate data regarding your business and written to appease the search engine algorithms.
  • We upload perfectly sized, professionally edited photos to represent your business perfectly.
    1. We upload your logo properly
    2. Create your cover image
    3. Add 10 photos and we geo-tag every one
  • We create 1 unique video targeting your main keyword in your main target city
    1. We give you the mp4 version so you can upload it to YouTube, Facebook, or use it elsewhere as you wish.
    2. The video is not super fancy, but will be very presentable and will certainly give you a boost over your competition that has no videos.
  • We ask and answer 10 Q&As regarding your business that your potential clients will find very helpful.
    1. Google’s algorithm will appreciate the additional information too.
  • We get you started with a Google Post
    1. We provide you with a training video on how to continue to do this yourself moving forward.  It’s free, really easy, and takes 5-10 minutes a week if that!  Every business should be doing this, but so many are still not!  Join the 17% that do and get the results that the top 17% earn.  (Our guide, How To Maintain Your GMB In 5 Minutes Or Less Per Week, will walk you through this process.)

Walk me through the process…

1st – Sign Up & Pay As Little As $100

2nd – Approve Our Inputs – Request Any Changes

3rd – Final Approval – Give Us Access To Your GMB

4th – Final Payment And We Implement Everything

I Like Details

Complete the form below > CLICK HERE

We only need a couple of things from you to start.*  Ideally, our service takes up very little of your time.

1) Your First Name

2) Your  Email

3) Your Website’s URL & Business Name/ZIP

*You are welcome to provide us with more information upfront.  It would be greatly appreciated and allow us to do a better job for you!

Who is this for?

This is for any business on or offline that is not maximizing the potential of their Google My Business listing.  A website is not required to have a Google My Business!  All you need is a legitimate business with a physical address (Your home address will work fine...no PO Boxes accepted by Google).  If your business is not already verified, Google will send a postcard to verify your business address before you can utilize Google My Business fully and gain all of the benefits it provides.

We could list the types of businesses that should have a Google My Business listing, but it is much quicker and easier to say every business should have a Google My Business.  Period.

Who are we?

We are a team of web designers, SEOs, and web developers that put our skill sets together to provide immense value to our clients by getting their businesses found online.

GMB Doc is a subsidiary of our parent company, Optimized, LLC.  Optimized offers website design, search engine optimization, and online presence management in general including social media, ad, and reputation management.

Risk-Free Guarantee

We are in the business of providing value to our clients and want you to have zero reservations about using our service to greatly increase your business's chances of getting in one of those top 3 positions in the local pack.

You can speak with a webmaster at GMB Doc before you begin our service to ensure you are comfortable with us working on your site.  All webmasters at GMB Doc are US Citizens that have 10+ experience optimizing Google My Business listings for small businesses of all types across the country.

Contact Us

Email: ryan@getoptimizednow.com

Phone: (859) 888-0841